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Culture, academia and heritage preservation.

Film Production

We offer audiovisual production service at different levels. From digital content to corporate documentaries. We can handle the entire casting process, location scouting, production design, shooting, and post-production. We can even get creatively involved in screenwriting.

Each project is different and we are excited to collaborate with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Project Development

Our experience in the development of film projects in the Latin American region allows us to advise you in the management process of your project.

We help you in the creation of the first creative lines of the project and in the design of a development plan that includes the workshops and laboratories that best suit your project. Also, we can give you general marketing advice for the presentationin markets and co-producers.

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Dossier Design

Advice and layout of dossiers that adjust to the specific needs of your project. Our experience in marketing and film business allows us to go beyond graphic design and offer you a product that truly highlights and conveys the highest values ​​of your project to any market or jury.

Each project is different and we are excited to collaborate with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

More Info

Audiovisual production company founded in 2020 in Panama City, Panama. Specialized in cultural, academic and heritage preservation content. In 2021 the production company wins the 2021 Fondo Cine Award.

At the same time, produce the documentary shortfilm “Memories from Chagres”, this project is recognized with several Official Selections at the international and national level, among them the San Diego Latino Film Fest.

In 2022, the development work of two projects “La Cordillera” and “Vida, Murga y Carnaval” begins. Along with the writing of both scripts, they participate in several workshops and laboratories. Among them, the Creative Production Workshop for Central America and the Caribbean TPC and the Cali’s Producers Hall SAPCINE stand out.

The production company has been invited to participate in various industrial spaces in the region. Participates in RioMarket and the FIFAC "Professionals Meeting" invited by DOCMONDE.

Omar Calvo is a Panamanian engineer. Founder of Opera Films. Masters in Film Business and Line Producing at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya ESCAC in Barcelona.

Producer and screenwriter. Specializes in the development of film projects and filmmarketing.

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